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Our Fur Family

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Buddha was our first baby. He joined our family in August 2013 at approximately 3 years old. He spent his first few years of life as a street dog on a beach in Phuket, Thailand. He is about 40 lbs. and is a Southeast Asian Village Dog. We adopted Buddha through Pawisitive Match and Soi Dog.

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Hank joined our family in October 2018 at approximately 5 years old. He originally came to us as a foster dog as no one in his rural community wanted him. He then met us and we couldn't let him go! Hank is about 110 lbs. and is a gentle giant Great Pyr Malamute mixed breed. We adopted Hank through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS).

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Peggy joined our family in July 2020 at approximately 8 months of age. She originally came to us as a foster with medical issues and some behavioural quirks. We knew she would thrive with us - so she stayed! Peggy is about 75 pounds and is a Great Pyr Maremma mixed breed. We adopted Peggy through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS).

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In Loving Memory of Lady P., Hobbs & Phil

Mutt Heads is dedicated to Lady Patricia, Hobbs & Phil. Lady and Hobbs were senior dogs when they came to us as fosters. They both had numerous medical issues and didn't have much time left. We wanted to be their final home and we immediately made them part of our family. Lady Patricia (Old English Sheepdog/Great Pyrenees mix) came to us in March 2018 and passed away in September 2018. Hobbs (German Shepherd/Pomeranian/Terrier mix) came to us in June 2019 and passed away in December 2020.

Phil came to us in March 2014 as a foster kitty with an infected bite wound on his skull. It was nasty looking but it cleared up pretty quickly. Upon further testing we found out that he was FIV+. We made Phil part of our family and he lived with us until he passed away in January 2022. We would like to thank SCARS for bringing them into our lives - they have truly made us better people. Although they are no longer with us, these guys hold a huge part of our hearts and are irreplaceable. We love and miss you, Lady, Hobbs and Phil!
If you are looking to add a new family member to your household, please consider rescue.

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