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New Client Information

Information for New Clients

We are not currently accepting new clients as we are committed to being available for our current clients. We will make a social media post once we are able to accept new clients again. We do not have a waiting list. Thank you for understanding.

Please review our frequently asked questions. It answers a majority of the questions we get regarding our facility set-up and operations. We also made a social media post on how to "set your dog up for success".

Additionally, here is a list of questions we ask everyone to complete when we set-up a new client for a day trial. This should help you understand what is required for dogs to be successful in our environment.

  • Is your dog okay with strangers handling them (both male and female)? If no, please describe your dog in regards to handling (i.e. okay with females but not males). 

  • Is your dog FRIENDLY and POLITE with other dogs? How would you describe your dog's play style with other dogs? As we are not a daycare/open concept style kennel, would your dog be okay not having a buddy outside during play time if we don't have a match?

  • Does your dog have separation anxiety (or general anxiety)?

  • Does your dog have confinement or barrier anxiety (does not like to be in an enclosed space or behind a gate)?

  • Is your dog destructive with anything other than toys? If yes, what types of things is your dog destructive with?

  • Would your dog do okay in a building with other dogs? Would they be able to settle if other dogs are around and they are behind a barrier and not able to meet dogs or would they be frustrated? Would they be scared or reactive having other dogs in the building?

  • Does your dog try to eat foreign objects when outside (i.e. rocks, sticks, poop, etc.)? If yes, what do they like to ingest? Do you have a current management plan to minimize this (i.e basket muzzle)?

  • Is your dog excessively vocal to the point where it would disturb another dogs stay?

  • Does your dog have reliable recall?

  • Is your dog an escape artist (digs under fence, jumps fence or checks the perimeter for a way out)?

  • Is your dog food reactive? If yes. are they food reactive with people, other dogs or both?

  • Is your dog toy reactive?

  • Is your dog barrier reactive (i.e. fence fights)?

  • Does your dog have any health concerns we should be aware of? What are your dog's health concerns?

  • Does your dog have food allergies? If so, to what?

  • Is your dog okay to have OUR treats? If your dog needs something specific (i.e. has allergies and cannot have something), please send them along as we do use treats as positive reinforcement through the stay. We are unable to guarantee we will have ingredient free treats.

  • Has your dog ever been boarded in a facility or at an in-home pet sitter before? What style of boarding have they been to?

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